Forge Medical Group & Wave Therapy Treatment for erectile dysfunction. And the best part? It’s drug free, surgery free and needle free.

Wave Therapy is a series of short painless treatments to the penis using pulsating acoustical sound waves --- AWT --- Acoustical Wave Therapy. It opens the blood vessels in the penis which is essential for a firm, rigid erection, and also stimulates the nerve endings to greatly enhance sensitivity and the explosive feeling of an orgasm.


ED Clinic Wayne PA

“As many as 52% of men experience Erectile Dysfunction in their lifetime.  Men who have heart disease, diabetes and are taking certain medications have higher risks of experiencing erectile dysfunction.”

-Cleveland Clinic

Forge Medical Group’s Wave Therapy Solutions...

Click "The Solution" to find out more about Wave Therapy Treatment offered by Forge Medical Group.  Don't miss out on what other Men are already using. Say goodbye to ED and reconnect with your younger self!

ED Treatment in Wayne, PA

As an ED Clinic, we understand that our patients likely didn't expect to find themselves seeking ED treatment.  We understand that this is a sensitive issue and ensure that we will treat your consultation with the utmost confidentiality and respect.  When seeking treatment for ED, remember that it is a very common and treatable condition.  Our ED Clinic will always be dedicated to treating our patients with the most cutting-edge technology and making sure you know exactly what is involved in the treatment process.

More About Wave Therapy

Wave Therapy for erectile dysfunction is a cutting-edge non-invasive technology that will allow you to conquer ED symptoms without the side effects of pills or the pain of needles.   Our highly trained staff is kept up to date on the newest developments in using wave therapy for treating ed so you can always be sure you are getting the best treatment plan possible.  If you feel you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and have tried some of the other methods, please contact us today to an assessment to find out if wave therapy is the right option for you.