How Does Acoustic Wave Therapy Work and What is It Used For?

Acoustic wave therapy is a treatment that is used to help men with erectile dysfunction. It is sometimes called ‘shockwave’ therapy which makes it sound slightly intimidating, but the process is simple and pain-free.

How Does Acoustic Wave Therapy Work?

Acoustic wave therapy is non-invasive and simple. To understand the answer to the question “how does acoustic wave therapy work,” you first need to understand how sound works. Sound travels as ‘waves’ through particles in the air and in objects. It is those vibrations which make our eardrums vibrate, which then make us hear sounds.

If you direct those acoustic waves towards our blood vessels, then this can actually trigger circulation in those areas and cause new blood vessels to form in a process known as neovascularization. 

The formation of those new blood vessels is useful to us because it means that it improves the blood supply to the penis, which can help to reduce a lot of the issues surrounding erectile dysfunction.

Does Acoustic Wave Therapy Hurt?

Acoustic wave therapy involves the clinician applying a probe coated in a special gel to the penis. Usually, they will target several different areas of the penis in one treatment to ensure maximum results. There is no pain, although you might notice a slight tingling sensation in the affected area as circulation to the area increases.

Acoustic wave therapy takes time to work. You may need several treatments and you may need to continue using other types of therapy for a while, depending on how severe your erectile dysfunction is. Most people find that acoustic wave therapy is well tolerated and that they see benefits after consistent treatment, giving them more confidence both in and out of the bedroom. Most men find they are able to perform better when it matters without relying on prescription medications.